63 Ultimate Birthday Gifts For Dogs That Will Make Your Dog’s Day

We have compiled a list of Best Birthday Gifts for Dogs In India. If you are searching for gifts for your furry friend for his upcoming Birthday, you are in the perfect place at right time.

Before researching and selecting dog gifts for birthday, I have this Question in my head!

Do Dogs understand birthdays?

And I came up with this answer.

Your Dog may not understand the words, ‘’Happy birthday’’ the way we say it. But dogs always get excited when we bought them something. They become happy when we play with them and spend quality time.

It’s your pawesome friend’s birthday! Choose something special for his birthday.

birthday gifts for dogs

Dogs as a man’s best friend provide unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship till his last breath. Your dog is going to be a year older. It’s a perfect occasion to return the favor.

Appreciate him for being the best dog in the world by spoiling him with the best toys, gear, & accessories!

birthday gifts for dogs
birthday gifts for dogs

Bookmark or save this page if you have pets/Dog because I am going to update this page regularly with new amazing unique gifts and gift ideas.

If you are the proud owner of the dog you are going to love these products we have listed below.
You can buy these products as a gift for your buddy on his/her upcoming birthday or on any other day.

Best Birthday Gifts For Dogs in India: Dog Gifts 2019

Here are the list of birthday gifts you can find for your dog in India. Your four legged friend is going to love it, guaranteed.

Most important dog essential which you need to have is the dog bed.

gifts for dogs 1
gifts for dogs 1

Standard Velvet Dog Bed

Perfect For Dogs Of Any Ages And Designed Like A Sofa.
This Couch Bed Provides A Soft And Cosy Place For Your buddy To Rest And Relax.

Complete & balanced dog food for adult dogs

gifts for dogs 2
gifts for dogs 2

Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food, Meat & Rice

Made with high-quality ingredients,
Pedigree provides dogs the 5 Signs of Good Health
– healthy skin and coat,
– strong bones and teeth,
– healthy digestive system,
– strong muscles.
It contains the optimal blend of Omega 6 and Zinc, which are proven to provide a healthier and shinier coat to dogs.

No more expensive bills for pet grooming

gifts for dogs 3
gifts for dogs 3

Pet Hair Trimmer

Keeps your pet always looking good, it’s very useful both for home and profession salon use! 
No more costly bills for pet grooming and you can do it in an easy way. 

Automatic pet feeder controlled by your smart phone

gifts for dogs 4
gifts for dogs 4

Smart Pet Feeder

You can set up the size portions, proper ingredients and feeding time, avoid waiting to feed him after working at night, automatic feeding will help them to form a balanced diet and keep healthy. 

Complete feed for adult large breed dogs.

gifts for dogs 5
gifts for dogs 5

Royal Canin Maxi Adult Dog Food

Helps promote optimal digestibility thanks to an exclusive formula including very high-quality proteins and a balanced supply of dietary fiber.

Give your pet a relaxing place to rest

gifts for dogs 6
gifts for dogs 6

Elevated Cooling Pet Bed

The cot-style pet bed suspends your pet up off the ground, offering enhanced comfort.
Perfect place after a long morning walk, playtime at the park, or for bedtime at the end of a long, busy day.

Keeps your pet look and feel good

gifts for dogs 7
gifts for dogs 7

Pet Grooming Brush Deshedding Tool

  • Builds a special bond with you and your pet 
  • Removes and helps prevent tangles and matting 
  • Removes debris, dead and hair from your pet’s coat 
  • Reduces pet hair in your household 
  • Increases blood circulation 
  • Ideal for both shedding and nonshedding dog breeds. 

If not available Alternative –

Tool for Long and Short Hair

If a guy has a dog with him, he’s three times more likely to get a girl’s phone number.

dog Facts

No pull, no choke and have better control

gifts for dogs 8
gifts for dogs 8

Nylon Dog Harness for Large Medium Small Puppy Dogs

Many dogs tend to pull a lot when they are excited to feel Nature or to meet the new furry friends. 
This harness features NO-PULL DESIGN so that you can have better control of your dog

For your dog’s overall health and well being.

gifts for dogs 9
gifts for dogs 9

Dog Shampoo Combo Neem aloe vera +Anti TickFlea +Short Coat

This combo shampoo helps in protection and cure from various virus and bacteria of your dog.
It also gives your dog a beautiful looking coat texture and adds shine and luster while whitening all color.

Ideal for pet owner who leave their pets at home

gifts for dogs 10
gifts for dogs 10

Water Dispenser for Dog and Cat

Pet’s water dispenser will refill water automatically into the dish keeps water refilled, fresh and clean when you are not at home.

Perfect for any size dog

gifts for dogs 11
gifts for dogs 11

Dog Adjustable Feeding Stand

Stainless Steel Adjustable Double Diner is high in quality, durable and easy to clean.

Elevated feeders reduce stress and strain on your dog’s muscles and improve digestion.

Enjoy the happy time with your pets.

gifts for dogs 12
gifts for dogs 12

Double Sided Pet Dematting Comb for Dogs

  • More comfortable and easier for you to hold while combing
  • Filled with nontoxic silicone gel, similar to what’s used in medical implants, it’s safe and easy to hold
  • Save money on groomers and supercharge your grooming kit
  • Groom your pet at home in just minutes

For old dogs and dogs with bone problems

gifts for dogs 13
gifts for dogs 13

Orthopedic and Waterproof Dog Bed for All Breeds

Veterinarians highly recommend orthopedic dog beds for old dogs and dogs with bone problems.
Orthopedic beds provide your pooch great comfort if they suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia, or any other bone and joint problems.

For optimal skin, coat condition and energy levels

gifts for dogs 14
gifts for dogs 14

Arden Grange Dog Food Adult

Arden Grange are renowned for producing not only super premium quality, highly digestible pet foods but also extremely palatable ones!

Recommended for adult dogs with a higher requirement for calories

Cute Soft Dog Bow tie Collar Pet Gift

gifts for dogs 15
gifts for dogs 15

Dogs’ Bow Tie

This bow tie collar reflects affection, love, sweetness, cuteness, loyalty and much more, Just like our precious furry friends.

A must for all long coated dog breeds

gifts for dogs 16
gifts for dogs 16

Bio-Groom Mink Oil Spray Glosser Conditioner

Mink oil spray is a coat glosser, conditioner, and sunscreen in one.
It enhances shine and protects coat colors. Made with non-greasy sunscreens that protect a pets coat color.

Safe for dogs and cats. 

Even the most untidy eater won’t be able to make food leave the bowl

gifts for dogs 17
gifts for dogs 17

Food and Water Bowl for Cat/Puppy

This lovely bowl is perfectly designed to slow down the dog’s eating and helps to improve your puppy’s digestion.
Preventing bloating and avoiding canine obesity which is a real serious issue for pets.

Having a puppy/cat means one has to constantly find ways to keep the pets mentally and physically engaged.

Designed to withstand constant use from your furry friend. 

gifts for dogs 18
gifts for dogs 18

Long Leather Dog Leash

Soft on hands and only gets softer this leash features smooth edges no stitching or rivets and only gets softer with age.

Give your furry friend the gift of Luxurious comfort

gifts for dogs 19
gifts for dogs 19

Luxurious Dog Bed

Perfect gift for dogs of any ages and designed like a sofa, this couch bed provide a soft and cozy place for your pet to rest and relax.

Ideal for both puppies and adult dogs

gifts for dogs 20
gifts for dogs 20

Royal 24-inch Iron and Plastic Cage

It is for all kind of dogs like Labrador, German shepherd, pug.

For Deep Cleaning and Deodorizing

gifts for dogs 21
gifts for dogs 21

WILDWASH Dog Shampoo

Trusted by groomers, vets and pet parents worldwide, your pets will love you for it.

  • 100% NATURAL
  • 100% Pure Essential Oils
  • No to dog odor.
  • Helps in deep cleansing.
  • Long-lasting fragrance.
  • Suitable for all breeds.

A great festival Present for your dog

gifts for dogs 22
gifts for dogs 22

Bow Tie Dog Collar

Cute and attractive hearts dog bow tie full of love and warmth.
Your pooch will definitely steal many looks wearing this one.

Dog Toy Is Made With The High Quality Non Toxic Latex

gifts for dogs 23
gifts for dogs 23

Pet Dog Squeaky Star Latex Chew Toy

Flexible Latex Material refreshes breath and promotes healthy teeth, simulating play by squeaking when chewed or squeezed. Squeaker installed to simulate play.
Creates a positive association with toy and reduces anxiety and boredom.

Birthday Gifts for Large Dogs

Consider these birthday gifts for dogs if your dog is bigger than normal dogs.

Ensure that your pet enjoys his sleep

gifts for dogs 24
gifts for dogs 24

Velvet Bed for Dog

Your dog spends an average of 12 hours a day sleeping. Make his sleep enjoyable.

Your dog won’t understand why his bed feels so good, he’ll just know he loves it.

Hip-Hop Style that Makes Your Pets Look Stylish, Tough, and Funny

gifts for dogs 25
gifts for dogs 25

Swag Choke Chain for Dogs

The Swag choke is not only a collar but a style statement.
The heavy shiny brass and gold chrome look more like a doggo neck piece than a collar.
It’s 24 inches long which makes it suitable for all medium and large dogs.
Add swag to his style.

You can lower your blood pressure just by petting your pup!

Dog Fact via Buzzfeed

Conquer boredom and support your dogs dental health

gifts for dogs 26
gifts for dogs 26

Large Goodie Bone Dog Toy

Perfect for throwing games like interactive games and fetching that strengthens your relationship with your loyal friend and will also keep both of you in shape. 

Keep your dog protected and dry on a rainy day

gifts for dogs 27
gifts for dogs 27

Waterproof Pet Raincoat for Dogs

There is nothing better than having a raincoat that protects your dog while you go on your favorite walks.
Rainy day walks are a breeze with this simple and stylish design raincoat, which also features one traction hole behind the neck, can control walk your pet on rainy days.

Let the pet enjoy the sun and the scenery

gifts for dogs 28
gifts for dogs 28

Ventilated Outdoors Space Capsule Backpack for Puppy

The unique design of the space capsule makes both you and your pet stand out. Suitable for front carrier bag or backpack. Best choice for traveling, walking, hiking, hang out.

Provide your pet with the essential nutrients

gifts for dogs 29
gifts for dogs 29

Pet-Tabs Vita-Mineral Dog Supplement

It contains essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements which increase vitality and strengthen a dog’s physical condition. Encourages the natural development of bones and teeth of young dogs and ensures a glossy coat and bright eyes. 

For traveling in style and comfort by plane or car

gifts for dogs 30
gifts for dogs 30

Airline Approved Pet Carriers

The large-capacity design makes it easy to accommodate pets and take them out to play.

Flexible and resistant to odor.

Safety Dog Collar Ring

gifts for dogs 31
gifts for dogs 31

Glow Collars Dog Safety Ring with USB

Your dog is easily visible in the dark. The light nylon strap has two lighting modes: constant and flashing.
In the blinking mode, the battery will last approximately 8 hours and with constant light for about 5 hours. 

gifts for dogs 32
gifts for dogs 32

Diced Chicken Dog Snacks

Rich in Protein.
No added sugar.
Great gift for your buddy on this birthday.

Promising review: This is something that my pup cannot have her food without ???. I give her her meal and she waits till we add a few of these on her food. –
Jyoti Tiwari

Have better control during dog walking and training

gifts for dogs 33
gifts for dogs 33

Chest Body Harness Belt for Service Dog

This harness exudes quality and style. 
It helps in securing your dog while riding in your car – Keeping you and your dog safe at night – Providing cool comfort to your dog in summer.

Suitable for small pets

gifts for dogs 34
gifts for dogs 34

Soft Giraffe Warm Bed House

Comfortable and cozy for pets.
Windproof and warm pet house,suitable for cold days in winter.
Give your pets good sleeping,and a good gift.

gifts for dogs 35
gifts for dogs 35

Nylon Reflective Orange Leash Dogs

Dog Will Feel Very Comfortable & Looks Stylish.

Easy And Quick To Put On.

Keep your dog look clean and smell fresh

gifts for dogs 36
gifts for dogs 36

Shampoo for Dogs, Kitten and Cats – 100% Natural

Whitening Coat Wash Shampoo is the perfect choice for pet owners who are looking forward to an easy solution for whitening the furs of their furry friends.

For maximum comfort for your pets – Soft & Comfy

gifts for dogs 37
gifts for dogs 37

Soft Fleece Dual Round Dog/Cat Bed

Your pet will enjoy lounging on this. Designed with the best materials so your pet can experience the most comfortable lounging experience possible. 
Washable | warm in winters | highly durable |can be folded and carried |light weight |does not catch dust.

Fashion accessory for Rainy season

gifts for dogs 38
gifts for dogs 38

Waterproof Pet Dog Raincoat

A dog raincoat is not only just a cute rainy-day fashion accessory for your pup, it helps keep your pet dry and comfortable in wet weather.

Easy to wash and keeps the dog warm

gifts for dogs 39
gifts for dogs 39

Dog Stain and Odour Remover

Dog stain and odour remover which effectively removes stains and odor from your dog.
It is suitable for all dog types.

Tasty and highly digestible dog meal

gifts for dogs 40
gifts for dogs 40

Milky Stix

A premium snack filled with milk, nutrients and vitamins. It comes in stick form so it’s suitable for feeding as food supplement, snack or reward to show your pet love

Crude fat9%min
Crude fiber2%max

For adult dogs, chewing is nature’s way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean.
Chewing also combats boredom and can relieve anxiety or frustration.

For dogs who like to chew

gifts for dogs 41
gifts for dogs 41

Kong Classic Dog Toy

Stuffing healthy treats into a KONG keeps dogs happily working and out of trouble for long periods of time.
It keep your pet engaged for hours of fun, play.

Birthday Gifts for Small Dogs

Consider these birthday gifts for dogs if your dog is Smaller than normal dogs.

For Small dog or puppy – perfect combination of style and convenience

gifts for dogs 42
gifts for dogs 42

Adjustable Pouch Shoulder Handbag for Pets

With this hands-free pet carrier you can take your small dog conveniently from anywhere or get things done while your little one takes a nap and rests from running around.
Ideal pet carrier bag for carrying small and dogs or cats. 

Enhance Your Dog’s Personality

gifts for dogs 43
gifts for dogs 43

Leather Dog Collar and Leash Set

Leather Dog Collar & Leash Set are made from the best leather available on the market.
The padding is so soft that both you and your pet will feel comfortable while your lovely pet pulls and enjoys our beautifully handcrafted collars. 

The perfect bed for the naughty pets!

gifts for dogs 44
gifts for dogs 44

Chew-Resistant and Water-Resistant Dog Bed

The chew proof bed is here for your naughty dog!
Lightweight and Long Lasting.
Great for outdoor and indoor use and perfect for dogs that like to nestle deep into their bedding.

For dog with a long Hairs

gifts for dogs 45
gifts for dogs 45

Deshedding Tool for Dog

Most important grooming essential you and your dog need.
If you own a dog with a long fur, you already know how time consuming it is to brush his coat and then clean the comb afterwards.
Reduces shedding by up to 90%.
Prevent dangerous hairballs from developing,

Your Dog’s Good Health Starts with Clean Paws

gifts for dogs 46
gifts for dogs 46

Water-Proof Dog Boot

Disposable | Reusable | Waterproof 100% biodegradable.
Dog Boots that are designed to go on easily and fit securely without zippers or straps.
Keeps paws from mud, rain, allergens, and chemicals. 

Suitable For Dog training

gifts for dogs 47
gifts for dogs 47

Multi-color Dog Tie Out Cable

Weather resistant , extra strong vinyl coating galvanized cable.
Tangle resistant great for you as pet owner and also for your pet.

Dogs don’t just like to play, they like to play with us!

Keeps Dogs Occupied & Eliminates Boredom – Toy for Dogs

gifts for dogs 48
gifts for dogs 48

Outward Hound Brown Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush Squeaking

What’s more fun than chasing squirrels at the park? Chasing squirrels at home, of course! 
The puzzles exercise a dog’s natural instinct to search, stalk and capture its prey, as well as strengthening eye-paw coordination skills.

Bed for Big Dogs

gifts for dogs 49
gifts for dogs 49

Pet Royal Reversible Velvet

Your Pet is precious to you. Why not your precious pets snuggle into this lovely Square Shaped Bed.
Great gift for dogs who love sleeping a lot.
stylish, soft and comfortable

Capture the world from your dog’s perspective

gifts for dogs 50
gifts for dogs 50

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness Mount for Camera

Mount your GoPro to your dog to capture the world from his point of view. 
Two mounting locations (back and chest)

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness Mount for Camera

Designed for for small, medium and large breed dogs

gifts for dogs 51
gifts for dogs 51

Pet The Hol-Ee Roller Dog Toy

The Hol-ee Roller Large is a malleable, do-it-all natural rubber ball with hexagon cut outs. One of our top-selling toys. This ball is super durable and super stretchy. It is a fantastic treat ball when stuffed with pig ears, rawhide or your dogs favorite toy. 

Hol-Ee Roller Dog Toy

Celebrate in Style

gifts for dogs 52
gifts for dogs 52

Dog Birthday Bandana

A great bandana for your birthday boy, whether you are planning a dog birthday party or looking for the perfect birthday gift for a dog.

gifts for dogs 53
gifts for dogs 53

Warm Winter Jacket Puff Hoodie

Perfect for daily wear in Winter.
Very useful when weather is cold. I bought it last winter for my dog and he just loves it.
Easy to put on and off and comes in different sizes.

Talk To Your Dog While At Work

gifts for dogs 54
gifts for dogs 54

Furbo smart dog camera

This is amazing product. If you are the real dog lover and want to See, talk, and toss treats to your dog even when you’re not home. It makes perfect sense.

Your fetch-loving dog will never be bored again

gifts for dogs 55
gifts for dogs 55

Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs

Automatic tennis ball launcher lets big dogs play fetch.
Whether you’re at work, at home or on vacation, this iFetch’s Ball launcher makes everyone happy by bringing a fun, new twist to the familiar game of fetch.
Perfect for indoor and outdoor play

Enhance the health and comfort of your dogs’ paws

gifts for dogs 56
gifts for dogs 56

Healing Paw Balm – WILDWASH

A perfect moisturizer which is easily absorbed into your pets’ pads.
Help your dog fight infection, healing and protecting his paws and keeping them in tip top condition whatever the weather.
This wonder product is 100% natural.

A multi functional Bathing Tool For your Buddy

gifts for dogs 57
gifts for dogs 57

3 in 1 Pet shower Kit

Make bath time less stressful for yourself and for your pet.
Best of all, you control the flow of water simply by opening and closing your hand. 

A funny ball to Make your dog Smile

gifts for dogs 58
gifts for dogs 58

Fun Dog Treat Ball

Grinz is the funniest dog ball on the market! With it’s unique smile, you can make your dog selfie ready.
What is more hilarious than this?

Rogz Grinz love to smile

Keeps dogs mentally and physically active

gifts for dogs 59
gifts for dogs 59

IQ Treat Ball

Challenge and reward your dog at the same time and you sit and watch him doing crazy activities.
Least expensive and most engaging for your active buddy.
This toy rewards your dog for physical and mental activity, keeping them engaged, happy, and healthy.  

IQ Treat Ball for dog

Save your dog’s life – Don’t trust drivers on Indian roads

gifts for dogs 60
gifts for dogs 60

LED Dog Collar

Vehicles will see your dog well in advance with this bright collar. You and your dog will be even more safe and visible. 
Safe as well as Cool gift for your dog.

Led dog Collar

Best way to take selfies with your Dog – Perfect pictures every time

gifts for dogs 61
gifts for dogs 61

Pooch Selfie

If you Love taking tons of selfies with your dog. This is the one.
As a dog owner I know it is difficult to get your pet to sit still long enough for a picture.
Grab his attention with selfie stick.

Pooch Selfie for dogs

Make your Dog Instagram Famous

gifts for dogs 62
gifts for dogs 62

Dog Bandana/Dog Scarf

A great bandana for your dog.
Level up your pet’s natural cuteness with this.

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